Last Day on Earth Survival v1.17.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Craft)

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Last Day on Earth Survival apk mod is one of the best simulators with infinite craft survival menu mod in a post-apocalyptic world, full of zombies, mutants and a small group of survivors.

Last Day on Earth Survival is a multiplayer online survival game!

If this is your last day on earth, you should be playing for 24 hours! When you walk away from your life, it’s time to organize your bags, collect resources, make weapons and board the watchtower! The struggle for survival is long and difficult. There are no friends, love or compassion in this virtual world, you need to overcome everything yourself. But the power is in your hands.

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Learn new skills

Generally, by learning to create better tools, collecting drinking water, cooking and learning to be self-sufficient, you can improve your survival skills. Collect useful resources, such as wood and stone, such as crafts. Use everything you find to create weapons and modes of transport.

Take important items with you and leave the rest on the dock

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Limited items you can take with you in your pockets and backpacks. With the recent update, the number of slots in the basic backpack has been reduced from 8 to 5, which undoubtedly increases the challenge for players to choose the filling method. Before you leave, prioritize and plan what you plan to do today. When you leave, you can only carry a few basic survival items, such as water (collected from the rainwater collector), food (farm carrots) and weapons (ax, spear and spear).


– Season 9 started beyond the Wall!
– Trade and a new currency in the city in the Crater
– New workshop with personal benches
– Tournament with survivors in the Crater
– Now, in the Crater, you can visit other survivors via the subway
– New multiplayer locations: Bauxite Quarry and Red Forest
– New features, items, benches and weapons
– New attribute, “Popularity”
– New ability to move and sneak attack
– Level required to enter the Crater lowered to 15

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1 – Free crafts and construction;
2 – infinite skill points (you can spend them on the negative);
3 – Division of unique things;
4 – Eating any food quenches hunger and thirst;
5 – The division of objects increases their number;
6 – Open all craft recipes (regardless of the character’s level);
7 – Instant walk on a global map (events do not appear without wasting energy);
8 – immortality;
9 – high damage;
10 – Quick walk;
11 – Mobs stand still.

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