Subway Surfers v2.4.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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Subway Surfers unlimited money is an attractive runner game. The eternally cheerful and smiling boy named Jake, wanted to paint the everyday dullness of the railway in interesting and very rich colors, creating an incredible masterpiece of street paintings. However, these works were not rightfully appreciated by the police.

Subway Surfers MOD APK for Android

In the MOD version, you will have Unlimited Money (Coins/Mod Menu).

As you ride the board along the long streets, you can leave various images on the walls of the districts, but remember that the police will keep an eye on your hero all the time. After passing a couple of rounds, cool maps will open up in the game, which will sparkle with bright missions and non-standard twists of the storyline.

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And now the leading character needs to get away with his feet, which is strength from a fast cop and his faithful dog. The road will not be easy, because you will have to jump over various obstacles and unexpected trains, go around fences from all sides, and also ride on stretched wires over moving trains.

  • a new hero named Tony;
  • dynamic development of the gameplay;
  • cool cartoon graphics;
  • more interesting missions;
  • almost complete freedom of action of the main character.

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For all connoisseurs of bright arcades, Subway Surfers will definitely be to their taste. So now you can start your journey around New York, as well as try to make friends with Tony and paint new places with bright graffiti. A huge number of dangerous situations, and the most important thing is the one who breathes down your head – a policeman! But not everything is so terrible and sad.

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Running away, along the way, you can collect all sorts of bonuses, as well as gold coins, which will soon be wise to spend on all sorts of upgrades for your character, namely: a cool skateboard, jet briefcase and other attributes of clothing that will greatly help you in overcoming unexpected obstacles and dangers!


Endless money and keys;
Endless jumps;
Ads disabled;
He bought all the characters, skateboards and skins (including those that were in the old versions);

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